Accounting and Outsourcing

Accounting and Outsourcing

The missions of the accounting and outsourcing expertise division are:

  • Contractual audits (examinations of accounts)
  • Limited examination tasks (certification)
  • Account keeping or presentation tasks
  • Other consulting tasks for our clients (legal, tax and social consulting, for example)

The teams also work across several business sectors (service, industry, insurance, banking, property and public sector) and with various types of clients (subsidiaries of foreign companies, subsidiaries of large companies, SMEs/SMBs/Middle-Market companies, associations).

Accounting expertise requires a high level of adaptability to the environment and to the challenges of clients. It is also a profession with fast-track career progression opportunities, which enable you to access operational and managerial responsibilities after three years of experience.


Accounting and Outsourcing Services Consulting Teams work on consulting, accounting assistance, consolidation and outsourcing tasks for the financial departments of large or middle-market companies. You support our customers with day-to-day production and diverse issues:

  • Accounting support and expertise: operational and managerial assistance
  • Production of the accounting and financial information in multiple forms / annual closure of the accounts and analysis of management reports
  • Emergency solutions: deployment of a personalised and innovative solutions with an engaged team
  • Operational assistance on the functional aspects
  • Stabilisation and transfers of expertise
  • Accounting performance, efficiency and consulting: guidance in the strengthening and the efficiency of the accounting and financial management
  • Accounting and regulatory compliance
  • Acceleration of the production of financial statements
  • Assistance with the accounting projects: assistance and consulting from the identification of needs to the production launch
  • Receipt/migration/deployment of accounting plans, accounting schemes and frameworks
  • Outsourcing of the accounting and salary functions: assistance with decision-making and guidance through the change
  • Measurement of accounting performance
  • Management of common closing operations
  • Preparation of tax and social declarations


Mazars recognises that directors and officers of companies cannot subrogate their responsibilities in these matters. Our experience and expertise enable us to expertly advise on and assist with all corporate affairs and company secretarial responsibilities.

Our efficient handling of corporate statutory requirements allows our clients to concentrate on the growth and prosperity of their businesses.

With a team of Chartered Secretaries, we not only assist our clients to comply with various applicable mandatory requirements, but also give timely and pro-active advice on corporate planning, trust arrangements and management control.

Typical services provided:

  • Entity formation and establishment in Asia Pacific and other jurisdictions
  • Entity maintenance and corporate ongoing compliance & secretarial matters
  • Application for being approved charitable institution
  • Corporate governance, corporate administration and due diligence check
  • Planning and implementation of corporate reorganization programmes
  • Liquidation, dissolution and cessation of business
  • Work visa application
  • Trust arrangements
  • Process agent & escrow services

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