Business Risk and Consulting

Business Risk and Consulting

Business Risk and Consulting at Mazars is based on practices:

Management consulting

You work on long-term missions around organisational transformation. Your work may include project strategy, project management, or project communication. Mazars consultancy works across multiple sectors and industries, including the public sector.


You help to support or reinforce the opinion of the auditor, while taking part in the analysis of the IT systems used to draw up the financial statements. In addition to regulatory auditing mandates, you assist various customers in the analysis of situations that involve computer systems and financial problems.

  • System mapping
  • Audit of IT security and compliance
  • Analysis and review of the IT function or business processes
  • Analysis of data with the use of specialised tools
  • Review of IT system migration
  • Critical analysis of atypical or exceptional situations.


You participate in reinforcing processes and operations, often in highly sensitive or very regulated areas:

  • Fraud: preventive treatment or post-mortem analysis of incidents of fraud,
  • Internal control: implementation or control of business processes,
  • Security: control and reinforcement of the security of computer systems (review of code, penetration tests, application analysis),
  • Sustainable development: verification of social and environmental responsibility information and analysis of the related processes.


You will work on on organisational and governance topics or regulatory issues in the banking or insurance sector. These missions tend to be long-term and require very comprehensive, sector-specific expertise.

  • Financial and accounting department reorganisation tasks,
  • Missions carried out in the context of the Solvency II and CRD-IV reforms: analysis of texts, implementation of internal control systems,
  • Project management: PMO, project management assistance, implementation of management and monitoring tools,
  • Project management assistance.

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